Research Reports

Sociology and Economics

A Production and Economic Model For Hazelnut Hedgerow Production in the Midwestern USA

A report on the performance of hybrid hazelnut selections and an economic model of production.

2008 Wisconsin Hazelnut Growers Survey Report

The first ever survey of WI hazelnut growers has been completed.  Check out the report to see the results.

2010 Upper Midwest Hazelnut Growers Survey Report

A regional survey that reports on the number of growers, number of plants, and current and projected hazelnut yields.

Sprouting New Tree Nut Business in the Midwest: Five Case Studies

Examples of what it takes to start and operate a tree nut procurement, processing, and marketing business in the Midwest.

Hazelnut Propagation

Micropropagation Potential for the American Hazelnut

A research update from Eric Zeldin of UW-Madison on progress to develop a micropropagation protocol for selections of American hazelnut.

Stool Bed Layering as a Means of Vegetative Propagation of American Hazelnut, Oct 2010

A research report on a mound-leyring trial of American hazelnuts growing wild in NW Wisconsin.

How To Mound Layer Hazelnuts

A technical bulletin prepared by Lois Braun with the University of Minnesota, explaining how to vegetatively propagate hazelnut plants using the mound layering technique.

Low-Cost Mound-Layering Propagation of Hybrid Hazelnuts, Nov 2009

A research report on a mound-layering trial using 3-year old hybrid hazelnut plants.

How to Propagate Hazelnuts Through Stem Cuttings, Feb. 2015

A research report from Lois Braun on hazelnut propagation with hardwood stem cuttings.

The Effect of Pot Size on Establishment Success of Hazelnut Seedlings

A report on how pot size can affect the establishment of hazelnut seedlings.

Hazelnut Breeding and Evaluation

1st Bearing Year Yield Report of the Full-Sibling Trial Plantings

A research bulletin reporting the yields from three plantings in Wisconsin of full-sibling hybrid hazelnuts.

Selection of American hazelnut as a Potential Oilseed Crop

An Agroforestry Systems journal article on genetic diversity, fatty acid profiles, and yield component analysis of American hazelnut.

Setting a Yield Goal for Hazelnut Breeding in the Upper Midwest, Oct 2012

A research bulletin comparing the yields of existing hybrid hazelnut germplasm to economic return goals.

Hazelnut Production Potential in the Upper Midwest: A Report on Hybrid Hazelnut Yields, Jan 2011

A research report on the yields of hybrid hazelnuts from 8 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

Evaluation of Select Accessions of Hazelnuts in Bayfield County, WI, Oct 2010

A research bulletin reporting on the first year of the Bayfield Hazelnut Performance Trial located in Bayfield, WI.

Screening Wild Populations of American Hazelnut in NW Wisconsin for High-Yielding Plants, Oct 2010

A research report on the yields of American hazelnut from 24 locations in Wisconsin.

Hazelnut Agronomics

The Effect of Tree Tubes on Hybrid Hazelnut Establishment and Growth

A research report on the use of 30" tree tubes on the growth of hybrid hazelnuts at two locations.

Hazelnut Fertilization

Fertilizer N Timing and Uptake Efficiency of Hybrid Hazelnuts

A journal article on nitrogen fertilization of hazelnuts in Minnesota.

N Fertilization of New Plantings of Hybrid Hazelnuts

A journal article on fertilizing hazelnuts in the years after planting.

Nitrogen Uptake and Assimilation

A publication explaining how perennial plants use nitrogen. 

Literature Review on Fertilization of Hybrid Hazelnuts in the Upper Midwest

An extensive summary of work done on fertilization of hazelnuts.

Summary and Conclusions of Dissertation on Fertilization of Hybrid Hazelnuts

A summary document on the PhD dissertation of Dr. Lois Braun.