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If you would like to list your blog on this page, please email jason.fischbach@ces.uwex.edu  a short, three sentence blurb about your blog.  Please provide your email address or a link to your blog or website.  The UMHDI or its partners do not review nor are responsible for the content in the blogs linked here.

Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium Blog

Follow the blog of the Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium, a partnership of Rutgers University, Oregon State University, Arbor Day Foundation, and University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Forest Agriculture Enterprise Hazelnut Blog

Follow Mark Shepard's hazelnut blog to see what's happening at New Forest Farm near Viola, WI, as well as the Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC website.

University of Minnesota Hazelnut Performance Trials, Lois Braun, St. Paul, MN

Over the last 5 years, University of Minnesota researchers have been helping hazelnut growers evaluate their plants with the goal of finding plants with excellent performance characteristics.  Once a plant is identified as having potential, the next step is to propagate it and plant it at many locations for further evaluation.  This step helps determine if the plant has superior genetics or was just growing in a nice spot.  Check out the University of Minnesota Hazelnut Peformance Trial Blog to learn more.

Badgersett Research Corporation, Canton, MN

Be sure to check out the Badgersett Research Blog as well as the Badgersett Research Corporation website.

Riverbend Hazelnuts

The blog of Kelsey Dunnell and her dad, Dan Johnson, growers of hazelnuts for more than 20 years, Riverbend Hazelnuts Blog.