Conference Proceedings

2016 Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference, Gays Mills, WI, March 4-5

Understanding and Protecting Flavor  Caitlin Tyl and Xue Wang, University of Minnesota

UMHDI Germplasm Improvement Updates  Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

Advancing Hazelnut Micro-Propagation  Mark Esler, University of Minnesota

Use of Tree Tubes to Establish Hazelnuts  Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

Hazelnut Processing Costs  Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

Weed Control Trials: 2016 Updates  Lois Braun

Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity of Hazelnuts  Michael Demchik

2013 Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference, Eau Claire, WI, March 1-2

Conference Agenda

Conference Presentations

Hazelnut Enterprise Budgeting   Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

Planting and Caring for Hazelnuts  Jeff Jensen, Trees Forever

Propagating Your Own Hazelnuts  Lois Braun, University of Minnesota

Marketing Your Nuts and Nut Products  Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

Hazelnuts in the Upper Midwest  Jason Fischbach, UW-Extension

An Overview of the Hazelnut Consortium Tom Molnar, Rutgers University

American Hazelnut Diversity_What We're Learning  Mike Demchik, UW-Steven's Point

Eastern Filbert Blight_The Search for Resistance  Tom Molnar, Rutgers University

Learning from Value-Added Nut Businesses in the Midwest  Brady Williams, UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

A Holistic Approach to the Genetic Improvement of The American Hazelnut Eric Zeldin, UW-Madison Dept. of Horticulture

2012 Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference, Decorah, IA, March 2-3

Conference Presentations

Choosing Hazelnuts For Your Farm Enterprise

Cultivar Development from American Hazelnut: Updates from the Wisconsin Hazelnut Research Team

Options For Processing Hybrid Hazelnuts

Fertilizing Hazelnuts

2011 Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference, St. Paul, MN, March 4-5

Conference Agenda

1st Annual Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference, La Crosse, WI, March 12-13, 2010 

Conference Agenda