Growing Hazelnuts

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Publications Specific to the Upper Midwest

Hazelnut Production Guide v.3 - Jeff Jensen and Lois Braun

Midwest Hazelnut Enterprise Budget Worksheet Tool - build an enterprise budget for growing hazelnuts

UPDATED JAN 2017!  To use this Excel spreadsheet you'll have to enable your macros. 

How To Mound Layer Hazelnuts - A guide for propagating your best plants through mound-layering.

Propagation With Hardwood Stem Cuttings - A guide for propagating your best plants through stem cuttings.

Website Links

Northern Nut Growers Association

Arbor Day Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium

The website of the Arbor Day-Rutgers University-University of Nebraska-Oregon State University research collaboration.

Hazelnuts in Ontario

The website of the Ontario Hazelnut Association