Hazelnut Improvement Program (HIP)

Key to development of a viable hazelnut industry in the Upper Midwest is identifying and propagating high-peforming and locally-adapted hazelnut plants.  The first step is finding these high-performing plants and the second is planting them in replicated performance trials to verify the plant has excellent genetics and not just a good environment.  The Hazelnut Improvement Program is intended to train and equip growers themselves to find and develop hazelnut cultivars suitable for the Upper Midwest.

How It Works

Any grower of hazelnuts, regardless of what kind of hazelnuts, where they are grown, how many hazelnuts, or where they were purchased, is invited to participate in the program.  Central to HIP is an on-line database growers can use to enter, manage, and store plant performance data.  Growers can also choose to share all or some of their data with other growers in order to compare plants.  The compiled data will also help researchers and breeders identify which plants are worthy of more intensive research and possibly starting down the path toward cultivar development.  Who knows, someday you may be the proud owner of a hazelnut cultivar with your name on it.

Training Videos To Help You Get Started

Part 1 of the HIP training video will teach you about hazelnut diversity and show you how to collect data from your plants.

Part 2 of the training video will teach you how to record and manage you data in a HIP online account.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1:  Download the detailed HIP Program Description to learn more about the program and how to get started evaluating your plants.

Step 2:  Become an official HIPster by Creating a HIP account.  You can use the account to enter, store, and manage data on your plants.  You can also share information with other growers. Download our data-sharing and privacy policy to learn more.

Step 3:  Log in to your account and Enter your HIP data.  Download the detailed Data Collection Guide for directions on how to collect and enter your data.

Step 4:  Download the Data Collection Forms or make your own.

Step 5:  Share your experiences with other hazelnut growers by posting on Blog on the Grower Profile page.

Questions, Comments?

HIP is truly of the growers, by the growers, and for the growers.  As such, we need your input.  Please contact Jason Fischbach with questions about HIP or with comments on how to make the program work better for you!